Live Map: Unlock real-time drone mapping with your iPhone or iPad

Drone Mapping Reimagined


Real-time insights power real-time decisions in the field. Get the data you need immediately—no laptop or internet required.

No SD cards. No uploads. No waiting.


Instant Insights

Capture data in real time as the drone flies with Live Map.

In-Field Analysis and Reporting

Make smarter decisions on site with fast data and reporting.

Easy-To-Use Software

Schedule flights to collect drone intelligence in a few simple steps.

Live Map Powers Instant Insights, Sharing & Analysis


Get an aerial view of your job site, field, or project faster than ever before 

Turn hundreds of acres into consumable maps without going back to the office

Share maps with clients, collaborators, and analysts in minutes—no uploads necessary

Create high-resolution maps for further analysis on any device from the same flight

Live Map Drives Smarter In-Field Decisions


Examine crops, analyze plant health, and immediately ground truth your findings

Eliminate the need to walk your field or upload images from home

Spot crop variability, stress, and storm damage for immediate investigation

Pin notes to your Live Map as you explore crops and gather samples

Live Map Monitors Your Job Site in Real-Time


Create instant job site maps for better reporting, planning, and safety

Share Live Maps immediately and review site progress with drawing overlays

Monitor site progress including earthwork, equipment, roads, and structures

Document subcontractor progress for tracking and dispute resolution

Live Map Provides Aerial Awareness When it Matters Most


Coordinate disaster relief, cleanup, and damage assessment

Assist police, fire, and rescue efforts for locating missing persons or incidence response

Document conservation efforts and monitor damage, cleanup, or invasive species

Impact any situation that requires immediate, low-cost aerial insights

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